Ice Tea Without Heat

Welcome Summer, the hotter season of the year and the season wher I don’t like cocking or making tea. But I need drink tea for survive. I like drink tea when working, when I am tired, when I am reading…

So I find a way to make tea without heat. And I don’t want to make hot tea, it’s summere, I want to make cold tea.

What you need

This is a list of what I use and the ammount of tea I use. You can change it for your taste.

  • A fridge or something similar for make the tea cold
  • Two bottles or something for keep liquid1
  • A liter2 of water
  • Two full soup spoon of Black Peach Tea in leaf

If you put the water (better cold, for tap or bottle) in the bottle and put the tea.

After I like to shacker the bottle and push all the tea leaf underwater but you can also don’t do it. I don’t find any difference in the tea and the end.

After this you leave the tea sleaping in the fridge for 6-8 hours. After this you can sample the tea and decide if you want a stronger tea (putting it back) or it is done (strain it and put in another bottle).


For this type of preparation I suggest some type of tea and I don’t suggest some teas’ type because the tea lost something in my opinion3

  • Black Tea simple but I don’t like it cold. I tested with 6 hours and 8 hours and it need a kick, something more
  • Matcha Powder simple: it is a no. If you have the REAL matcha’s powder this is not the way
  • Green Tea generic, some one like it, i prefer it with some lime but is it a good idea. 8-10 hours
  • Spicy Tea yes and no. Depend on your personal taste you can love or hate it
  • Rooibos yes and yes. I love cold and with or without other ingredients. 12 hours
  • Fruit Tea allways is a good idea and with any type of tea. 10 hours (12 for rooibos with fruit)
  • Flower Tea allways good but need timing yourself. Any type of flower has a difference time for infusion so good luck

My personal preference is Rooibos with fruit for cold tea but any one with fruit is my go to cold tea.

Ending suggestion

Don’t use normal ice. You can make more cold tea and make with the extra tea ice cube so, when you drink it not fell watered.

You can also use the base tea4 for make the ice blocks, in this way you can make the ice blocks and the cold tea in the same time.

Drink well and remember

Too cold tea can be a bad choise

  1. I suggest a transparent container or a glass one because you can see the tea status. Also if you use glass you can clean it more easly ↩︎

  2. In my case the bottle is one liter, so if you bottle is difference size you can fill full ↩︎

  3. This is my opinion. You can make all the teas’ type in any ways you want. This is only a blog post not a law in your state with death sentence if you break it. ↩︎

  4. For example Fruit Black Tea the base tea is black tea, or Roiboos Berries Tea the base tea is Roiboos ↩︎

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