French Press

The other day I was searching for making tea without using teabag or other stuff. This happen because I don’t like cleaning them after making tea.

So, after some search, I find the french press.

The French press

The french press is a “coffee” thing, where you put boiling water and the coffee and, after some time, press it so the coffee powder will stay down under the press and the coffee will stay over the press. I can make the same thing with the tea’s leaf waiting the same time you will wait for it in the teapot.

I buy one, glass and stainless steel, and I love it. Easy to clean and easy to prepare, with it I can make a mug worth of tea.


One of my problems was the tea leaf or part of the leaf going to into the pouring. So I take to work and make a lot of tea for all the office for testing the french press.

Black tea, big leaf

Or the 90% of my tea. Tea made with 95° C water and one little spoon of tea, with a waiting time of 6 minutes and then pressed will make a good cup of tea, no problem and no fragment of tea leaf leave the french press.

For an error we make another french press with the same tea short after and was also good.

Black tea, old broken leaf

The bottom of a tea box. Only one little spoon of tea or less. Water at 90° C and 6 minute of waiting make a very good tea without any leaf sign. Because it was a very very good tea I make three french press of this and only the last as a little lighter then the other. Maybe I need to waite more time.

In any case the french press was another success.

Red Tea or Rooibos

The bad boy. Rooibos tea has the little leaf of the bunch and I and my coworkers love it so we make it with a lot of concern for the filtering of the french press. Water at 90° C with one little spoon we make 3 time waiting 8, 10 and 12 minute each and we love it.

Not a single leaf inside the tea and very easy to clean with the rooibos.


I love it. You can make a tea without a lot of work after for cleaning the teapor and the other stuff. The french press is very easy to clean and can be wash in the dishwasher1 but I prefer to clean it by hand.

Also you can use it for making coffee so is a good tool to have and, if it is glass, you can clean it and reuse it in very little time because the glass don’t keep the taste like other material.

  1. Maybe is mine but I see a lot of french press can be put into a dishwasher ↩︎

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