Experiment With Peach Tea

Experiment With Peach Tea

I love peach tea when is an hot day. But the ones you found in the shops are with sugars and other things like rose and I don’t want something like this. So I start with some experiment to make it home.

The tea

I use a base black tea peach in bag because it is the easy way to find it and is not too expensive for make some experiment but you can use more expensive tea for your tea.

I use the Twining Black Peach Tea, 3 bag for normal tea, 4 for little stronger tea, in one liter of water.

Boiling water and cool off after

Make 90 C hot water and put for 8 minute the tea. After this I let it cool into the fridge to my personal ideal cold tea temperature.

After this I tasted and I find more bitter and more like an hot peach tea. I like it but it isn’t the cold tea I was working to.

Brew with ice

I make before a liter and half of ice and put on it the tea opening the bags and putting the tea on the ice and i make it defrost.

A very long process and too light tea. This method is better for mint or other type of plant with big leaf.

I don’t suggest this method for Black Peach Iced Tea.

Brewing with cold water

I make a liter of water and put inside the tea and put all of this into the fridge. After wait 12 hours I have a cold tea.

I love this type of brew for making cold tea because you feel more the the fruit than the tea. You need to remember to remove the tea after the waiting time because, if you leave it in, you will have stronger and stronger tea.


So I suggest, for Black Peach Tea, to make it with brewing with cold water because you will feel more the fruit part of the tea.

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